All Australian Boys

All Australian Boys All Australian Boys is porno heaven if you are into gorgeous, smooth and youthful Aussie lads.

There are over two hundred Aussie lads on the site, each with a mix of soft core and hard core images, and over half of the guys have videos. Many of the guys are fit and toned, lots are typical Australian surfer types, lots of young twinky dues. What ever your taste, with this number of guys to choose from, there is something for everyone. Our favourites are Josh, Rhys & Tristian, check them out!

The videos are good, but its a little disappointing that some can only be streamed. The quality of the vids available for download is acceptable, and thankfully no DRM. Even though some of the movies are short, they capture the lads very well, and sometimes interview the models, where nervousness of some of the guys is quite attractive.

The site navigation was sometimes a little confusing, but loading times were generally good. There is some bonus material, including about a hundred seduction stories, so the membership of 35USD for 30 days is pretty good value, considering the great mix of real Aussie boys.

Rating: 8

Some of the twinks on All Australian Boys

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